Paul Thompson has been featured in media all over the world. He helps financial advisors to attract their ideal clients and scale their practices consistently.

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XYAdviser is an Australian podcast hosted by Fraser Jack. 

In this episode, Paul and Fraser explored how online marketing can affect your scale and size as a financial advisory practice. More importantly, how to get consistent with your lead generation (and how to even include LinkedIn within your launch plans!). 

Sebastian Skwarek is the co-founder of PreciseFP-  the fastest and easiest solution for gathering client data. 

In this episode, Paul got specific about how financial advisors can attract and onboard high-value prospects using LinkedIn. He discusses the 4 proven methods to grow your lead base and scale your practice.  

Elementality is a podcast run by the team at Elements; a financial planning system which delivers the processes, frameworks and software straight to advisors. 

In this episode, Paul shares how you can bring your marketing strategies into the 21st Century and improve your lead quality. Build a book of clients who you love, and more importantly, who genuinely respond to your expert financial advice.