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Linkedin Sales Navigator For Financial Advisors: here are some of the best Sales Navigator tips.

Sales Navigator is an add-on program for LinkedIn that you can use to expand your account reach and activities. As you likely know, LinkedIn has recently put a limit on the number of connection requests, messages and inMails you can send every week. It means that financial advisors who want to ramp up their lead generation become stuck easily, limited by the channel’s technology. But there are workarounds.

Sales Navigator is a high-quality, high-return method of getting financial advisor Linkedin leads. This is what they don’t teach you in financial advisor training, but it’s one of the best ways to advance your financial advisor career.

LinkedIn sales navigator for financial advisors is the perfect lead generation tool. It can target specific individuals in your niche, and this video will also help you with financial adviser prospecting.

Watch this to learn more about how to get clients as a financial advisor by generating sales navigator leads. Pairing Sales Navigator with LinkedIn means you can grow your activity, connection requests, messages and more. It’s a surefire way to get LinkedIn leads as a financial advisor.

In this video, you’ll learn:

– How to make your CRM dance

– The exact parameters to change on Sales Navigator to make your campaign successful

– How to specifically target high-level individuals within your niche

– What’s involved in the daily running of a LinkedIn lead generation campaign

But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve worked with hundreds of financial advisors, wealth managers and financial planners from all over the globe.

Hear what they have to say for themselves (we prefer to let our clients do the talking!). 

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Sales Navigator is quite an impressive beast, okay. It can do a huge amount. The first thing that we're interested in when we come on here and when we've got it all set up, we just want to go to an advanced search and we want to go to search for leads. And it's going to bring up all these different types of filters that we can use many of which that we've just spoken about. So for example, years at the company, years of experience seniority level, the relationship and so on. So I'm going to show you how to put this together, but in this case, Stephanie is based in Dublin. So we're going to target business owners and company directors based in the Dublin area. So a couple of things to start setting up this campaign relationship, let's start there. So firstly, we want second degree connections. As you can see straight away, we've got 1.5 million results just from bringing up second degree connections. So we're going to add in our title. So if we go to titles again from our cheat sheet, I'm going to copy some of the different times and we want them to be business owners, a company director. So they're going to be called CEO or partner or managing director or chief executive or owner or whatever it happens to be. So we're going to literally copy that and we're going to put it directly in here. Okay. So their current title, not their previous title and put it in there. I'm going to hit return. And that's it. It's literally in there as you can see, big, long search queue. Okay. Years of experience, we want them to be experienced obviously. So we were going to put more than 10 years. We're also going to say that we want them to be more than 10 years in their current position. And we want them to be more than 10 years in their current company. So now our results, as you can see in the top, right, are starting to come down and we're down to 34,000 which is good. So we've given the right sort of titles and so on. So now let's have a look at company head count. So as you can see having a right up to 10,000, but again, we're looking to target business owners, let's start with one to 10. Let's see what that gives us. Okay. So now we have 9,000 results. So obviously we could add 11 to 50 there, but let's just start with one to 10 to make it nice and simple. Right? So now we need to work on geography. So I told you, in this case, we want to target Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. So I'm just going to put that in there for the moment that has just brought our results down significantly. So now it's down to 526, just bear in mind that this is doing what we call regional targeting. If you wanted to do postcode targeting, you literally just click in there, postcode or zip code. I need to change it. And again, you can choose what country you want. You can choose within what distance you want. And then you can put in a list of post codes or zip codes, just separated by comments in there and hit go, and it will just do it for you. Okay. Let's go back to region. And if we were going after say a more regional area, let's say for argument's sake that we want to go after and Yeah, Cambridge. Sure. Okay. So for example, we can choose Cain sure. As an area, but we can also then select some of the other spots that are within Cambridge here. So we can put it in South Cambridge here. We can put in East Cambridge here as well. And let me see if we can see any more. Can you me see, it brings up suggestions for me underneath, and then we want to make sure or talking to the UK version rather than the U S version. But again, you're gonna make this appropriate for yourself. So those seem to be the key areas that we want to carb target there. So we were targeting Cambridge here. That's exactly how we would do it. We don't need to tell it how far around it is for everything else like that. Okay. So I'm just going to remove those for the moment. See options to exclude there. So back to Dublin, cause this is what we're looking to target. And obviously Stephanie is based in Dublin. So she's heard network's going to be much stronger there. Okay. So we've got second grade connections based in Dublin. We 526 results. We've put in the different titles. We didn't want to be one to 10 in the head count. Maybe we'll increase the head. Count on, we'll go to 11 to 50 as well. Just see if we can change that result. Okay. You gotta be quite clever about refining your searches. And so for example, you can play around with how many years people were there at certain companies. You can play around with the head count. You can play around with whether it's second or third degree connections to try and get the results to the right kind of level. So just to show you, if I remove more than 10 years there, now we've got 2,447 results. That's going to be too many. Like we, it will run the search, but actually only gave me a thousand to work off. So we're going to be losing about 1400 results there. So we don't want that. So we want to be bit smarter about it. And we just put that back in more than 10 years. So that's almost a thousand, so I'm happy enough to roll with that. And remember, this is second degree connections. We haven't done the third degree connections yet and it's one to 10 and 11 to 50. What I could do is I could remove 11 to 50 and I could go with these 526. And then my next search, I could remove one to 10 and just go with 11 to 50. And so that would be two searches to sort of start off. In fact, maybe we'll do it that way. So that's just hit search. Yep. So there's 526 results coming up with different founders and managing directors. And so on in that location that we're looking to target.

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