This is a financial advisor testimonial from Richard, operating in Hampshire, as part of one of the UK’s largest networks. Richard’s corporate pensions speciality began to suffer when face-to-face meetings became impossible due to Covid. He scoured social networks to look for the best way to move lead generation online, and found the Adviser Accelerator course. 

LinkedIn was his natural focus since it’s a professional networking site, rather than a social network. Richard made use of a full suite of marketing tools, but found that while they were nice to have, they weren’t actively generating leads.

What he did not know was: 

  • How to turn a LinkedIn contact into a client
  • How to target specific local businesses online
  • How to build a reputation for expertise

Did it work?

Yes, Richard gained 4 new clients, approximately £12,000 in year 1 revenue and around 1 million in AUM as a direct result of taking the course (and he’s still going!). He generated calls with prospects within 2 weeks of sign-up, and grew his LinkedIn connections from 300 to over 1500. 

Here is what I can tell you about Richard. He brought no ego to the table, and was prepared to just take it all in and learn. He was incredibly diligent with his campaign and continued to tweak and iterate based on feedback from the market. 

As Richard says in this financial advisor testimonial, “It’s not suited to everyone (you need to be disciplined), but if you’re prepared to put the time and effort in, you’ll reap the rewards!”. 

Do you want to get results like Richard? We have tons of reports from other financial advisors who prove that anyone can succeed in growing their practice. 

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