This is a testimonial from Michael, a financial advisor from Nova Scotia, Canada. Prior to joining the Adviser Accelerator, Michael struggled with the ability to talk to more prospects on a weekly basis. He needed a plan to execute, and didn’t have the time to search through things manually.

Michael was skeptical about LinkedIn, since he hadn’t been able to generate much business through masses of effort. But he found the Adviser Accelerator process straightforward and streamlined (even while expecting a newborn!), and kept focused on his target audience of business owners in the local area. Michael embraced content (videos, articles etc), and iterated his campaign when he felt like his messaging was robotic. He found ways to differentiate himself and get a professional edge, personalising his content to let people know exactly who he is.

Michael found a way to make financial advisor marketing simplified.

After four months, Michael is generating 2-3 leads every week. He has converted around 4 clients, generating around $30,000 in year 1 revenue. However, the true test is where these younger clients will be in a few years time with assets under management, which is where Michael has found the real win.

Here is what I can tell you about Michael. He is consistent and will regularly go back to the drawing board to iterate and tweak his campaign. Michael compliments his messaging with video content, which humanizes his business and enables him to build relationships easily.

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