Our Story

Lets face it, financial advisors are not marketing or lead generation experts.

They are generally highly qualified in giving financial advice. Dealing with investments, 401k / pensions & protection cover is all in a day’s work. But the odd reality of the financial services industry worldwide is advisors do not get much formal training or assistance with marketing and lead generation. 

We learned this first hand and it changed our lives!

Three years ago, a financial advisor found us online and got in touch. He was frustrated with the boom and bust of his practice growth, sick of high effort low return tactics and tired of buying overpriced crap leads that did not convert. He wanted to be able to leverage online marketing, but in an ethical, compliance dept friendly way. 

He soon realised that he just needed one online channel working consistently for him every month. Linkedin was the channel we recommended. 

For most financial advisors, a few small changes in their positioning and messaging can make all the difference in the world. Your ideal clients are out there, looking for help. Figure out how to get in front of them consistently, and your book will grow like never before. That’s what happened for that first financial advisor who reached out to us, so he referred us to a financial advisor friend of his.

We walked her through our approach to scaling her practice: we covered marketing strategy, focusing on your ideal client and positioning yourself as the expert. We showed her how to add value and build relationships online, even without having met the prospect face to face. We created a marketing and lead generation strategy using Linkedin for her to enjoy explosive practice growth, and we put some key technology in place. Her practice grew like never before. 

So then what happened? 

She referred us to all her advisor friends. We helped them. More kept calling. It snowballed to where one fateful evening, we found ourselves with 95% of our clients being financial advisors, financial planners or wealth managers from all around the world.

It was a sign.

“Hmm…” we thought, “…perhaps we should take this sign seriously.”

And so we did. Adviser Accelerator is the culmination of our work with 100s of financial advisory practices (Both large and small)  from all over the world. (Including UK & Ireland, USA & Canada, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, Rest of Europe)

Adviser Accelerator Thompson Consulting

The Battle

We watched countless advisors waste their precious time with worn-out 1980’s tactics; attending seminars and local networking meetings just to never hear from their new acquaintances again. On the flip side, we saw hard-earned money squandered on inefficient paid ad campaigns and bogus marketers who ignored the highly-regulated nuances of the industry. 

Our job wasn’t to make leads magically appear out of thin air. It was to show advisors how to generate credible and qualified warm leads themselves; using a simple and repeatable process to make growth consistent and predictable.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning. We initially struggled to be taken seriously by an industry suspicious of marketing and reluctant to change.

But, as it turns out, financial advisors, financial planners and wealth managers were actually our biggest supporters. We realised that the industry wasn’t all that clued up on marketing (through no fault of their own), and that proper training on how to run their own predictable marketing & lead generation was something financial professionals craved.

Paul Thompson Adviser Accelerator

Launched Adviser Accelerator

That’s where Adviser Accelerator was born. I created a program that teaches people how to build, launch and scale their own targeted Linkedin lead generation campaign. This program was launched and within a few months students got even better results than our regular done for you service.

We had students hitting $20,000 and $25,000 in year 1 revenue within 8 weeks of taking the course. But more importantly they now have a predictable system that will deliver for them month in, month out going forward.

Adviser Accelerator Course

So we’ve grown this program into the most comprehensive Online Course and coaching program for financial advisors that want to scale their book using online marketing.

Who Are We?

Paul Thompson Adviser Acclerator

Paul is the Founder of Adviser Accelerator; an expert in digital marketing for the financial services industry. Having worked with 100s of different firms around the world. He specializes in helping Financial Service companies profit through lead generation. He has over 20 years experience scaling businesses in both Ireland and Australia, and brings his strategic know-how to every single campaign.

In Paul’s spare time he hangs out with his wife and young son Nathan, and loves exploring the sites of his hometown Dublin. (He even plays a bit of golf – badly!)

Paul leads an experienced remote team who work together to ensure your experience with Adviser Accelerator is professional and easy. We’re here to open your eyes to the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer, and want to celebrate your success every step of the way.

What About You?

If after reading this, you believe my company can help you scale your financial advisory practice, and replicate what my students and I have done….

Consider looking at our program. We strive to have the best products and services out there and we won’t stop until there is no argument that the AdviserAccelerator.com Team is where you go when you want to grow a super successful financial advisory practice.

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